Think.Design.Build – Architectural Matters


June 2-3, 2016
Institute for Architecture, Ernst-Reuter-Platz, Berlin.


The conference will focus on the multiple correlations between idea (think), creation (design) and realisation (build), which shape the process of architecture. The far-reaching transformations that the discipline undergoes today underline the conference’s relevance. Pressured by data driven dynamics of development regarding simulation (building information modeling), computerisation (ubiquitous computing) and digital networking (internet of things), we detect a growing de-differentiation of architecture. Instead of being an active agent, architecture seems to have turned into a passive, silent witness of our society’s transformation. With the ongoing process of technological development that massively transforms everyday life, architecture more and more renounces its social aspirations. This is especially the case where architecture mimics the tools and machines, which should be at its service.

Architecture’s current crisis demands a critical analysis of the discipline’s knowledge practices and its complex synergies. The conference therefore critically examines the three knowledge practices of thinking (concept/word), designing (drawing/model) and building (material/structure) and their respective mediality, mode of action, and knowledge potential. On the one hand we will analyse the three conceptual levels in regard to their respective guiding principles, methods and medial tools. Moreover, we will investigate the interdependence of these three conceptual levels and how specific architectural knowledge is transferred between them.

The conference aims to connect questions of research, teaching and practice. Focussing on that which can be expressed in words (idea), represented in drawings (creation), and constructed in material (realisation) the three pillars of architectural education will be addressed and critically investigated. Hence, by analysing the three conceptual levels of thinking, designing and building the conference wishes to clarify also methodological questions of architectural education. The focus on the correlation between the three conceptual levels will furthermore allow to confirm the unity of the architectural process.


Invited are more than 40 distinguished architects and scholars of architecture theory and history from more than 12 nations. Keynote speaker will be Toyo Ito. He will give his lecture on June 3rd at 7 pm.

The conference language is English. There is no admission fee. Please register:


Please check the conference website and download the Full Programme for more informations.


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