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Call for Papers / Conference

Facing the World Differently? Seventy years on from the Britain Can Make It Exhibition   Deadline for abstracts: 11th March 2016   Keynotes: Professor Jonathan Woodham and Dr Paddy Maguire (University of Brighton) In 1946 the exhibition, Britain Can Make It, was held at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. The exhibition reflected a desire to reaffirm Britain’s global position […]

Call for Papers / Journal

IL CAPITALE CULTURALE. Studies on the Value of Cultural Heritage n. 14 (2016): Museums and exhibitions between WWI and WWII   Abstract deadline: 15th May 2015   The n. 14 (2016) of «IL CAPITALE CULTURALE. Studies on the value of the cultural heritage» calls for papers on the history of museums and exhibitions between the two […]

Call for Papers / Conference

Houses as Museums/Museums as Houses   September 12 – 13, 2014 Wallace Collection, London   Deadline for a 250 words proposal: 17 February, 2014   The relationship between museums and domestic spaces is a long and complex one. Museums were born in the houses of collectors, while the reconstruction of the house or domestic room […]

Call for papers/Conference

IDEA Symposium 2012 6 to 10 September 2012 Perth, Western Australia, Australia Interior: a State of Becoming Hosted and convened by the Interior Architecture program, School of the Built Environment, Curtin University, Bentley, Western Australia. Close of 400 word abstracts: 1 October 2011   CALL FOR PAPERS and CREATIVE WORKS for EXHIBITION: Academics, research students […]

PhD in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design / Conference

ON STAGE / ON SHOW INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE POLITECNICO DI MILANO 24 _ 25 June 2010   Consumption and image: these two words can describe the conditions of contemporary society, whose life space is increasingly less real and more and more imagined, increasingly less steady and more transitory. Unreal and represented, the painted or illuminated surface, […]

IFW2010 Call

Interiors Forum World 2010 – 2nd International Interior Conference . Politecnico di Milano 5-6 October 2010: Conference 27 September – 8 October 2010: Exhibition . Call for Papers / Call for Posters IFW2010 is looking for the ‘key words’ for Interiors. What are they? How many are there? What are they about? What stories, people, […]


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