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PhD in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design / Conference

ON STAGE / ON SHOW INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE POLITECNICO DI MILANO 24 _ 25 June 2010   Consumption and image: these two words can describe the conditions of contemporary society, whose life space is increasingly less real and more and more imagined, increasingly less steady and more transitory. Unreal and represented, the painted or illuminated surface, […]

PhD in Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design / Publication

Città come / The City As Sguardi d’interni sui territori dello spazio aperto Interior views on the territory of urban space Edited by Luciano Crespi Essays by: Cesare Stevan, Sara Calvetti, Davide Fabio Colaci, Barbara Di Prete, Ilaria Guarino, Elena Montanari, Angela Rui     Is urban space still a privileged territory for transformations? Is it […]


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